About Option 2 - Flower and Gift Affiliate Program

Webmasters that decide to use Affiliate Option 2 can produce their own catalogue using either our product images and prices (which will be supplied to you in downloadable format). This option gives you the flexibility to produce your own layout, ordering system and descriptions that will suit your website. Your customers place their orders through your catalogue, and the order is sent to HQ. Orders can be sent quickly and easily to HQ in a number of ways- fax, URL encoded, UFO and more. You earn commission on every order collected and passed to HQ via your catalogue.

Benefits in Joining the Affiliate Program

5 reasons why you should join the our Affiliate Programs and start earning one of the best commission rates in the industry:

  • NO joining or membership fees! - You get membership to 2 affiliate programs.You don't pay membership or joining fees on either. When you join the our affiliate program there are no 3rd parties, no-one takes any more of your commission. Each month your full commission is paid straight to you via your preferred method.
  •  Great commission rates - You start on 15% of flower value of flower orders sent through Petals and Teleflora New Zealand and 8% on gifts sent through Grumleys. Flowers are on a tiered commission structure so the more you send the more you make.
  • We help You - We provide you with all the tools you need to monitor your sales and see exactly what is happening with your commission.
  • Competitive Prices - A very competitive international retrans fee- while many services charge much more the Petals international retrans fee is only $8USD per order- compare for yourself.
  • Large Product Range - A joint catalogue of over 300 flower and gift products available all over Australia and worldwide. We can deliver to over 70 countries around the world!

More Information About Our Affiliate Programs:

  • Petals Network - Our flowers are delivered fresh from local florists around the world, and Petals has been operating very successfully since 1992. Read more about our company history and business awards
  • Grumleys Gifts - Gifts are delivered by gift basket specialists whose business is making great baskets and gifts your customers will love.
  • Teleflora New Zealand - Teleflora New Zealand has a network of around 120 professional member florists. Internationally, we're connected to over 50,000 affiliated florists based in 84 countries. Read more about Teleflora's company history.
  • Flowers for Charity - Is a partnership between Petals and a number of charities in Australia.

For more details on commission rates, trading options, payment structures, permitted affiliates, daily affiliate reporting options, affiliate facilities, products and company history, register your interest and our Affiliate Program Manager will contact you to discuss your options.

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