Q. Who is Petals Network?

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Q. What are Petals' Goals?

Service: We are a service industry and as such we clearly understand that our success depends on how well we provide a service to our customers; our Member florists. We are completely committed to fast, friendly and professional service.

Simplicity: We want a no-fuss, no-hidden costs and a fair allocation system. Towards this goal we give 100% of the flower value to florist; no turnover fees are withheld as with the other relay services. We charge a flat rate for every order covered entirely by the handling fees paid by the customer.

Consultation: On matters of policy and of service, we survey the Membership monthly to ensure that all Members have the opportunity to guide the development of Petals and thereby better tailor it to meet the needs of the Membership.

Support: We provide the Membership with Information and services which can help members to increase their profits. Examples include the Contax magazine, a Selection Guide, pricing guidelines and cost benchmarks that you can use to compare your business's performance with others.

Innovation: We are continuously testing new ideas with the Petals Membership with a view to expanding your customer-base and reducing your costs. For example, Petals was one of the first relay services to have e-commerce capabilities on the Web for the benefit of both our consumers and our florist-Members.

Flexibility: We have built our relay service from the ground up to incorporate flexible alternatives for our Members. You have a choice of trading plans, payment plans and banking systems. We let you pick and choose the ideal relay service for your business.

Q. Why should a florist use a relay service?

Petals is a florists' relay service. Essentially our role is to;

  • Quality control the work of florists,
  • Ensure payment for work undertaken,
  • Connect a selling florist with a supplying florist,
  • Arrange for you to receive back orders from other florists and to,
  • Arbitrate on disputes.

For these reasons, most florists use a relay service.

Q. How is the order value apportioned for florists?

We can provide you more information of this type after you register with us. This way we can provide the most appropriate information.

Q. Why send floral orders through Petals?

To encourage you to trade with Petals, we have several positive incentives.

First; we offer a net 28% selling commission - the highest in the industry

Generally speaking, the flow of orders is from the bush to the city. We can't do much about that as some 80% of the population of Australia live in the cities so that is where most of the orders will go. Country florists may therefore not get back as many orders as they send. To compensate, we offer a very healthy selling commission so that - even if you don't do too well from out-of-town orders - you can still make a good income from selling orders for delivery elsewhere.

Second, we attempt to match every order you send us with one from the Network. We can't promise this as it will depend on your location but you will have the consolation of knowing that orders are allocated completely fairly - there is no old-boy network to siphon off orders.

Because of this one-for-one arrangement, it’s in your financial best interest to direct orders to Petals to ensure you get as many as possible back again. Those of you who employ staff should make sure they are aware of Petals and the positive advantages of trading with us or you may inadvertently miss out on business.

Third, you can pick and choose how you would like to trade with your fellow Members. You can trade either direct with another florist or through Petals HQ - whichever you find more convenient. You can pay and be paid by cheque, credit card, direct bank debit or credit – as you prefer. Why be forced to do what the relay service finds most convenient for itself. Petals offers you choice.

Q. How do I pay for floral orders I send?

One of the roles of a florist's relay service is to ensure both florists involved are paid a commission for each transaction.

Unique among the Australian relay services, we offer you two methods of paying for orders that you sell into the system. You can either use a credit card or run an account with Petals.

Q. How am I paid for the floral orders I send and receive?

As a service to Members, Petals can pay your commissions directly into your bank account. This way your commissions should appear in your account within 24 hours of account settlement date. No more postal delays and "cheque in the mail" stories.

If you choose to have a bond as payment security, you can provide us with permission to deposit and withdraw your monthly commissions from your bank account. This facility allows us to settle your account promptly without mail delays.

Q. What are the costs of Florist Membership?

Please contact Petals Membership Department for current Membership Fees and Structures. Petals has several different fee structures available depending on your chosen method of trading.

Q. What is the Petals Money-back Guarantee?

If you wish - for any reason whatsoever - to resign your Membership of the Petals Network within three months of joining, Petals will refund your joining fees in full less any amount outstanding on your account.

Q. Do I have to join to send orders?

Petals Network offers a unique membership opportunity for florists. Petals Lite is a free service provided by Petals Network for all florists, in any country. If you have a small number of international orders or want to expand your international order volume, Petals Lite is an easy solution for any independent florist.

To register, all you have to do is go to our registration form. Once your form is submitted, you are automatically registered as a Petals Lite Member. You can begin sending and tracking orders immediately. We also provide you with price lists, product lists, messaging services and access to our Petals Worldwide Standard Operating Procedures.

For more information visit Petals Lites FAQs.

Q. How does Petals operate?

When you join Petals you will receive a copy of our Standard Operating Procedures which describe the formalities of dealing with Petals and is the basic rulebook for our operations.

How do I get more Information about Florist Membership?

If we can offer more Information on any aspect of Petals Membership, please call us on + 61 2 6774 9200 or register interest with us.

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