Q. What is Petals Network?

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Q. What is Grumleys?

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What are Petals and Grumleys Goals?

  • Service: We are a service industry and as such we clearly understand that our success depends on how well we provide a service to our customers; our Member florists, our Gift Suppliers, our Corporate customers, our Affiliates and other Relay Services. We are completely committed to fast, friendly and professional service.
  • Simplicity: We want a no-fuss, no-hidden costs and a fair system. Towards this goal we give 100% of the flower or gift value to florist; no turnover fees are withheld as with the other relay services. We charge a flat rate for every order covered entirely by the handling fees paid by the customer.
  • Consultation: On matters of policy and of service, we survey the Membership monthly to ensure that all Members have the opportunity to guide the development of Petals and Grumleys and thereby better tailor it to meet the needs of the Membership.
  • Support: We provide the Membership with Information and services which can help members to increase their profits. Examples include Selection Guides, pricing guidelines and cost benchmarks that you can use to compare your business's performance with others.
  • Innovation: We are continuously testing new ideas with the our Membership with a view to expanding your customer-base and reducing your costs. For example, Petals was one of the first relay services to have e-commerce capabilities on the Web for the benefit of both our consumers, our florist-Members and our corporate-Members.
  • Flexibility: We have built our relay service from the ground up to incorporate flexible alternatives for our Members. You have a choice of trading plans, payment plans and banking systems. We let you pick and choose the ideal relay service for your business.

Q. Why use a Petals & Grumleys for Company Orders?

Both Petals and Grumleys are networks of floral and gift suppliers.

Essentially our role is to;

  • Quality control the work of suppliers
  • Ensure payment for work undertaken
  • Connect you with a supplier
  • Provide one easy to use solution to your flower and gift needs
  • Provide you and your staff with discount flowers and gifts

For these reasons, most big corporate companies use a Network.

Q. How do I pay for orders I send?

We offer you two methods of paying for orders that you can buy from Petals and Grumleys. You can either use a credit card or run an account with Petals or Grumleys.

In each case a monthly statement will be sent to you by our head office which itemises the official transactions for that month. This Information can be presented in different formats, depending upon whether multiple cost centres or departments are involved. For clients with significant volumes, this monthly bill can be provided in electronic format.

Petals Network and Grumleys also offer the staff of corporate clients the opportunity to order at the discounted rate on their own credit card for personal orders. For more Information about this see Staff Shopping. Staff orders are not provided to the corporate on the monthly account.

Credit Card

This is the simplest choice if your staff are authorised to buy with credit cards. There is no need for further authentication. A website link we provide to you passes the user to a site that can be customised for individual corporate clients. Orders can also be placed by phone or fax.


If your staff are not authorised to buy with credit card then we can provide for you a unique number that is place on the link on your site and is carried across to our order form. This will then automatically charge your account with the sale.

Q. How do I get more Information?

If we can offer more Information on any aspect of Petals Membership, please call us on + 61 2 6774 9200 or you can register interest with us.

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