Q. Who is Petals Network?

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Q. Why use a Relay Service?

Petals is a florists' relay service. Essentially our role is to;

  • Quality control the work of florists,
  • Ensure payment for work undertaken,
  • Connect a selling florist with a supplying florist,
  • Arbitrate on disputes.

For these reasons, most florists use a relay service.

Q. Why send my floral orders through Petals Lite?

We offer florists across the world the opportunity to send domestic and international floral orders. There are no membership or monthly fees for any Petals Lite Members.

  • Unregistered Petals Lite users receive a 15% sending commission deducted from the flower value.
  • Petals Lite Members (those who have registered) receive a 20% sending commission deducted from the flower value. Click here to register.

Orders can be delivered to over 70 countries and can be placed 24/7. You can send orders during your business times or at any time you wish.

The registration process is easy and automatic. Once you're registered you can begin to send your orders through Petals Exchange. Petals Exchange is our web-based ordering system. All you require is access to the internet. There's no need for you to install new software. All you have to do is log into the exchange and send the order. It's that simple!

Q. How is the floral order value apportioned?

Register Petals Lite Members - Receive a 20% sending commission at the time you place your order. The 20% sending commission is deducted from the flower value when you order. The flower value is the value of the order minus handling and delivery charges.

Unregistered Petals Lite Users - Receive a 15% sending commission at the time you place your order. This is deducted from the flower value.

Q. How do Petals Lite Florists send floral orders?

Sending orders is easy. Click to view our helpful demonstration.

Q. How do I pay for orders I send?

As a Petals Lite member, you pay for the order at Point-of-Sale with your credit card.

You will be provided with a selection pricing guide. This will show the amount you charge your customer for the order. When placing the order in Petals exchange, for registered members you will be charged 80% (and 85% for unregistered) of the flower value plus the handling and delivery at point-of-sale.

The difference between the amount you charge your customer and the amount you pay, is the commission that you will receive.

Q. What are the costs of Florist Membership?

There are no membership fees or monthly fees for Petals Lite Members. We have no hidden charges for the  services we provide.

Registration is automatic, and once you're registered you can begin sending orders into the system.

Unique in the industry, Petals shares the full flower value of an order between the florists. There are no turnover, marketing or advertising commissions taken out by Petals so you are not penalized for sending high value orders. After all the cost to service an order is the same, no matter how large the order.

Q. Do I need to install new software?

No, all you require is access to the Internet. Petals Network provides you with an online ordering system called Petals Exchange. You can log into Petals Exchange with your member number and password. Once logged in, you can send orders, track orders and view our product lists.

Q. How do I register as a Petals Lite Florist?

Registration is easy. To register, go to our registration page and enter your details. Once submitted, you are automatically registered and you are provided with your member number (registration number).

To begin sending orders, log into Petals Exchange with your member number.

Q. How does Petals Lite operate?

When you register with Petals Lite, a copy of our Petals Worldwide Standard Operating Procedures (PWW SOPs) will be available on Petals Exchange. This document describes the formalities of dealing with Petals and is the basic rulebook for our operations. To access a copy, log into Petals Exchange with your member number and password.

Q. Can I receive a price list?

Price lists are only available to registered Petals Lite members. Our price lists show the minimum value required for a floral order, this value includes flower value, handling and delivery. Price lists are available in the following currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD.

Q. Can I receive product selection guides?

For Petals Lite users we provide an online worldwide selection guide. To view this guide, visit Petals Exchange. The selection guide is available in the menu section on the left.

Please note, not all products are available in every country.

Q. How do I get more information about Petals Lite Florists?

If you would like any additional information on Petals Lite or about Petals Network, please contact us*.

*This is not the Petals Lite registration form. To register, click here.

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