PWW International Accounts and Payments

All Petals Worldwide trading is carried out in EURO dollars.

We have a standardized commission structure on the total value of the order. In other words, for orders you receive from us, you will be paid a percentage of the total value of the order (which comprises the flower value, delivery fee and any in-country relay fees).

For orders you send through us to other countries, there is a standard Retrans Fee that is paid to Petals for the international transmission of orders.

The Order Cycle for Floral Relay Services

Though it is entirely up to you how you run your relay service, it is common practice for your florists to charge the customer a value for the flowers plus a relay fee. The selling florist would send that money on to your relay service and get a commission in return.

Your relay service keeps the relay fee and sends the order value on to Petals together with our Retrans Fee. At the end of the month, your relay service gets a credit for the selling commission so it has made a fee from the customer for providing the service and has a credit to pay the selling florist's commission.

In turn, Petals sends the order to a relay service in the destination country. We pay them the value order sent through the system. They keep a Clearing House Fee (CHF) for themselves and send the order on to a florist (less a commission withheld for the selling florist), together with the delivery fee. The florist provides the recipient with flowers to the full retail value paid by the customer who sent the order.

The whole process works the same way in reverse when we send you an order.

Payment for Floral Orders and Services

If you send to us, we will initially request a credit card or some security for order payment. Once a trading relationship has been developed, we can explore the use of a monthly account for orders from you.

For convenience, we prefer to pay for our orders to you on a monthly basis. Charging of our credit card for individual orders causes us difficulty due to the volume of orders we handle. Instead we add all orders to a single account and send this to you for approval on the first working day of the month.

Once you receive your statement you have until the 14th of the month to query items on the account. Amounts owed by you are due on the 14th of the month by cheque or bank transfer so that we can pay all other parties involved. Amounts owing to you will be paid on the 21st of the month.

We have several methods of payment:

  • Direct deposit into your bank account in $EURO (this is our preferred method of payment);
  • Payment by cheque in $EURO in the mail or;
  • For sums under $1000 EURO, we can pay the monthly total by American Express or Visa Card. We will give you the equivalent of the $US balance in your local currency. You can then charge this amount to our credit card.


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