The Petals Worldwide Floral Trading System

We have a number of tailored systems designed to cater for any organisation.

Our innovations save you time and lower your costs.

The Petals Worldwide system is primarily Internet-based. Member relay services have access to a password protected, special purpose website, to send and receive orders and messages instantly; 24/7.

This system removes the problems associated with time-zones because, as soon as an order or message is placed in the system, it is available for download in the destination country. However, we can accommodate those relay services that are still primarily fax-based.

Our special purpose relay-service only website contains;

  • Current minimum prices around the world,
  • Guidelines on operations,
  • Daily news,
  • Internet order and message download,
  • View any recent order (last 3 months),
  • An Internet complaints and queries facility,
  • The ability to send your orders over the Internet to us,
  • Policy guidelines for all members,
  • Agreed operating procedures and international standards.

If you are a high volume sender / receiver of orders, we can supply you with software to go on your own computer to download orders as a data file rather than a printed page. These orders can then be imported into your own system to reduce the amount of order typing you have to do. Orders can even be reformatted in your name, your currency and with your commission structure and sent to your fax modem for direct faxing to your customer-florists.

Click here to read about our Commissions and Accounts Structure or register interest with us for more information on Order Transmission Methods or anything else regarding Petals Relay Services.

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