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Our florist network sends and receives domestic and international floral and gift orders worldwide. We are one of only three international floral relay services in the world. Although many of its operation methods are similar to Interflora and other relay services, we offers member florists an innovative, easy-to-use service with special attention paid to the satisfaction of florists and their customers. This special attention is reflected in the choice that our network provides to member florists choice in trading options (online, phone or fax), choice in payment options and choice in florist networks (Teleflora and Petals memberships).

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Worldwide Florist Network - Send Domestic & International Orders

Petals Network's mission is "to provide the best buying experience for all customers and send participating florists as many profitable, trouble free orders as possible in a fair manner", and this statement is central to every aspect of trading with Petals Network.

Petals Network is one of the largest Florist Relay Services in Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Australia, we have been operating very successfully since 1992. We run our own florist network throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and New Zealand. In April 2011, Petals was acquired by an affiliate of Teleflora USA, making Petals part of the world’s leading flower delivery service, connecting customers florists worldwide for over 75 years. In June 2012, Petals took over management of Teleflora Australia, merging to great Australian brands into one successful management group. Our sisters companies include Teleflora Australia, Teleflora US, Teleflora New Zealand and Grumleys Gift Network.

Petals Network offers services to florists in many different regions of the world. Petals has access to over 20000 florists in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and affiliated with over 20 000 florists worldwide. All our member florists are REAL qualified florists. We offer same day delivery throughout Australia, New Zeland & the UK. We also provide next day delivery to over 100 countries worlwide.

Our unique internet relay transmission system allows florist to collect and send order online from anywhere.

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Other Florist Services

  • Petals Lite

We also offer our florists the opportunity to join Petals Lite. Petals Lite is a service available to all florists, in any country. Petals Lite is a free service. Members can register automatically. Once registered, florists can send orders to over 70 countries, track their orders and send messages. For more information visit FAQs.

  • Petals Florist Websites

Here at Petals we know setting up a website is no easy thing to do. There’s domain registration, DNS set-up, website hosting, email hosting, search engine optimisation, website design and maintenance. It seems a little scary right?

Since 2006, Petals has provided our member florists with a 3 page website template for free on our websites. Now we would like to expand this offer and improve your business’s online presence with the Petals Website Package. Florist websites are currently available to our Petals members in Australia and New Zealand. If you're not a member, contact Petals and we'll discuss your options.

For more information visit our Florist Websites Page

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